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Longvida Optimized Curcumin

What makes Longvida® unique? The list includes:

 1. More than a dozen research studies and clinical trials in independent labs have been completed on Longvida.

 2. One small, single daily dose of Longvida offered significant health benefits in just 30 days.

 3. Published chronic-dosing safety studies on Longvida support a strong safety profile.

 4. Longvida is 65 times more bioavailable than regular curcumin.

 5. Longvida offers therapeutic levels of free (not deactivated/metabolized) curcumin.

 6. Curcumin from Longvida passes the blood-brain barrier.

 7. Longvida contains no metabolic inhibitors, volatile oils, or crude, unpurified ingredients.

Publisert: 27.02.2014 - Endret: 27.02.2014

The Discovery of Longvida®

In the late 1990s, a group of neuroscientists at the University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA) began to ask `WHAT IF?`.

WHAT IF we could significantly impact a global health issue?

WHAT IF a safe, natural compound could positively impact all the major mechanisms associated with healthy brain aging?

After screening many compounds, they stumbled onto curcumin, the active compound found in turmeric root and many foods. However, there was one major problem. Once consumed, curcumin failed to fulfill the three major requirements for bioavailability: solubility, permeability, and stability. And without bioavailability, the chances for efficacy are nil.

They started to experiment with different lipid-based forms of curcumin. They tried many different lipids, fats, cofactors, and technologies. In some cases, small improvements in bioavailability were observed, but none were able to reach therapeutic levels, or impact clinical endpoints at reasonable doses.

One day, a mistake was made in the formula, but the formula was tested anyway. The ‘mistake’ showed astonishing results, and a major discovery was made. The discovery solved all three bioavailability requirements, and impacted efficacy endpoints at reasonable doses.

The formula was so unique, it was submitted for worldwide patents. The process later became known as SLCP™ Technology.


About SLCP™ Technology

Cutting-edge SLCP™ Technology (patent pending) is responsible for the `magic` of Longvida®. But while this technology may be magical, it required a lot of hard work and brilliant insights to develop.

Longvida® is a finely-tuned matrix of ingredients brought together in a gentle multi-step process. The end product is precisely set in a way that preserves and protects the curcumin from the harsh environment of the stomach, dissolves it at the point of absorption in the GI tract, and helps the free form of curcumin cross into the bloodstream and target tissues.*

SLCP is the ideal absorption-promoting system, based on real, live research data that was repeated over and over using validated analytical methodologies. Yet all the ingredients are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) food additives, and Longvida® is free of harsh solvents or volatile oils.

Universities, physicians, and consumers around the world now are asking `WHAT IF` about Longvida.


Longvida Quality Control

An intricate standardization system, including physical characterization of the SLCP™, along with an array of physical and chemical analyses using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Tandem Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS), Nuclear Magnetic Resonance imaging (NMR), Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy, Inductively-Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP/MS) and other instrumentation are used to standardize and ensure the activity, potency, and consistency of Longvida®.

Longvida® contains no animal products, is gluten-free, and is GMO-negative (genetically modified organisms). Longvida® is made using all natural, high-curcumin turmeric extract perfected in India, but is not made using chlorinated solvents, which can be toxic.  The curcumin found in Longvida® is a 100% natural, generally recognized as safe (GRAS) food additive, and has been used in traditional medicine and food for thousands of years.

Longvida® is processed under Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), in such a way to ensure identity, purity, activity, and consistency of Longvida’s benefits, from the manufacturer to your home.  It is shelf stable and has an expiration date of at least two years in dark, dry, room temperature conditions.  A strong safety profile is what makes Longvida® the premier choice of consumers and universities worldwide.

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Selected Research on Longvida® Optimized Curcumin:

  • Diverse effects of a low-dose supplement of lipidated curcumin (as Longvida®) in healthy middle-aged people.   Disilvestro et al. Nutr. J. 2012 26;11:79 doi 10.1186/1475-2891-11-79
  • Effects of Longvida® on soluble tau oligomers and cognitive and synaptic deficits.  Frautschy et al. AAIC 2011, Paris France.
  • Human pharmacokinetics of chronic dosing of Longvida®: Dose-concentration correlation. UCLA, 2011.
  • Acute human pharmacokinetics of 40mg curcumin (as Longvida®) leads to therapeutic blood levels.  Shah et al. Planta Med 2012; 78-PH5
  • Efficacy of Longvida® in Stage III human trials, TATA Memorial Centre, Mumbai. Study ongoing.
  • Curcumin suppresses soluble tau oligomers and corrects molecular chaperone, synaptic and behavioral deficits in aged human tau transgenic mice. Ma et al 2012.  Journal of Biological Chemistry.
  • Does Longvida® provide an alternative to diltiazem for lowering mucopolysaccharide levels in Sanfillippo syndrome?  A human case study. Taylor 2010.
  • Effects of Longvida® in Trisomy 21: Human Case Studies.  Fish, 2010.
  • Anti-inflammatory effects of Longvida® compared to unformulated curcumin.  University of Rhode Island, 2011.  Manuscript in development
  • Expression of GFAP in p25 model after dosing of Longvida®.  National University of Singapore, 2011.
  • Acute human bioavailability of Longvida®:  65x Greater Bioavailability. Gota et al. J Ag Food Chem 2010 58(4): 2095-2099.
  • Curcumin bioavailability, activity and mechanism for cognitive health using Longvida®. Begum et al.  J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2008 Jul;326(1):196-208.
  • Bioavailability, brain concentrations, activity and dose-response of Longvida® SLCP. Frautschy, SA. 38th Annual Meeting of the Society of Neuroscience , Washington DC, November 15, 2008.
  • Longvida® synergizes with Omega-3 fatty acids: effects on cognitive mechanisms. Frautschy, SA et al. 39th Annual Meeting of the Society of Neuroscience , Chicago, IL October 2009.
  • Efficacy of Longvida® in relation to systemic availability in the brain. Frautschy, SA et al. 39th Annual Meeting of the Society of Neuroscience , Chicago, IL October 2009.
  • Chronic dosing safety assessment of a Solid Lipid Curcumin Particle (Longvida®) formulation.  Dadhaniya et al. Food Chem Toxicol. 2011 Aug; 49(8):1834-42.

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Effekt / Lindrende ved ømme og stive ledd Ekstra høy
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Effekt / Svakt smertestillende Høy
Egenskaper og virkning / Antiinflammatorisk Høy
Egenskaper og virkning / Antikarsinogen Høy
Egenskaper og virkning / Gastrobeskyttende Høy
Egenskaper og virkning / Gastrointestinal effekt Høy
Egenskaper og virkning / Immunmodulerende Høy
Egenskaper og virkning / Immunstimulerende Høy
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Kroppsdel / Immunsystemet Høy
Kroppsdel / Lever og galle Høy
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Sykdomsregister / Fibromyalgi Høy
Sykdomsregister / Fibromyositt Høy
Sykdomsregister / Fibrositt Høy
Sykdomsregister / Gastrisk slimhinnebetennelse Høy
Sykdomsregister / Gastriske inflammatoriske tilstander Høy
Sykdomsregister / Gastrointestinal betennelse Høy
Sykdomsregister / Inflammatorisk tarmsykdom Høy
Sykdomsregister / Inflammatoriske lidelser Høy
Sykdomsregister / Irritabel tarmsyndrom Høy
Sykdomsregister / Kognitiv svikt Høy
Sykdomsregister / Kognitive funksjoner Høy
Sykdomsregister / Kortikosteroid behandlingssupport Høy
Sykdomsregister / Oksidativt stress Høy
Effekt / Lett blodtrykksenkende Middels
Effekt / Lindrende ved ømme og stive muskler Middels
Effekt / Stabiliserer blodsukkernivået Middels
Effekt / Svakt kolesterolreduserende Middels
Effekt / Svakt kolesterolsenkende/nedsettende Middels
Effekt / Svakt triglyseridsenkende Middels
Egenskaper og virkning / Antidiabetikum Middels
Egenskaper og virkning / Antihyperkolesterolemisk effekt Middels
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Egenskaper og virkning / Antihypertensiv Middels
Egenskaper og virkning / Antikreft aktivitet Middels
Egenskaper og virkning / Antiulcerøs Middels
Egenskaper og virkning / Blodtrykkssenkende Middels
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Egenskaper og virkning / Kjemobeskyttende Middels
Egenskaper og virkning / Kjemoprevensjon Middels
Egenskaper og virkning / Kolesterolsenkende aktivitet Middels
Egenskaper og virkning / Lipidsenkende effekt Middels
Egenskaper og virkning / Reduserer LDL-kolesterol Middels
Egenskaper og virkning / Svulsthemmende Middels
Egenskaper og virkning / Svulsthindrende Middels
Kroppsdel / Hjerte-karsystem Middels
Sykdomsregister / Alkoholisk leversykdom Middels
Sykdomsregister / Diabetes Middels
Sykdomsregister / Fettlever Middels
Sykdomsregister / Hyperkolesterolemi, forhøyede kolesterolverdier i blodet Middels
Sykdomsregister / Hyperlipidemi, økt lipidnivå i blodet Middels
Sykdomsregister / Hypertensjon Middels
Sykdomsregister / Hypertriglyseridemi Middels
Sykdomsregister / Høyt blodtrykk Middels
Sykdomsregister / Høyt kolesterol Middels
Sykdomsregister / Høyt triglyserid nivå Middels
Sykdomsregister / Kreft Middels
Sykdomsregister / Kreftbehandlings support Middels
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