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Crystal Dream™ – for a good night and a fresh morning

Did you know 4 out of 10 people experience difficulties getting to sleep?  And that the recommended average night’s sleep is estimated at seven hours?  Enter Crystal Dream - the first true natural dream-assistant.

Skrevet av: Terje Myrvold - Publisert: 14.02.2016 - Endret: 14.02.2016

Being energetic, having too much tension accumulated during the day, and too much build up of energy, exposed to chronic stress or having too many troubelsome thoughts dwelling in your head at night time, can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

You may twist and turn for a long time before you may find yourself asleep – if at all.  You may look at the clock and it will stress you out even more when you realize you will not have enough sleep – again.

The next day getting up can be difficult and you may suffer, feel sluggish, and you may gradually feel worse should the conditions persist.  Unfortunately, the effects of a sleepless night may also cause weight gain, irritability, and susceptibility to illness.

Enter Crystal Dream™ – the first true natural little dream-assistant, completely free from harmful pharmaceuticals and hormones which could leave you feeling «hung-over» and may have negative health benefits if used regularily over time.

Stress is a term describing environmental factors and stimuli that can cause psychological and physical reactions in humans of all ages.  The complaints due to chronic stress are various and range from tiredness, muscle tension, sleep disturbance up to psychological effects, like concentation, discontent, depressive state, feeling of being overstrained in occupaional and everyday life.  Chronic stress represents a factor of risk for disease development, thus it is important to reduce your stress during the day – as well as a restless night often will make the symptoms worse.  Sleep – thus is essential to combat everyday stress.

Crystal Dream™ will come to the rescue with its new and unique formulation of patented, studied and active ingredients. The effect of this propiary blend is further enhanced by using Pharmasorb™ technology for enhancing bioavailability.

Each tablet will provide a unique blend of patented and documented ingedients such as milk peptides and herbal extracts of lemon balm, arctic root, hops, oats and chamomile.

Crystal Dream™ will:

  • Improve sleep duration
  • Improve sleep efficiency
  • Decrease sleep troubles and disturbances
  • Improve daytime function
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Is not sedative
  • Suitable for all ages


Crystal Dream™ is completely natural, and therefore totally harmless. 

Using Crystal Dream™ you may sleep longer and better, and everyday problems become less important to you.


About the ingredients:

Lemon balm

Lemon balm – a native plant to Europe - is traditionally used to promote relaxation and is often combined with other calming herbs such as chamomile and hops.  Lemon balm has been used in herbal medicines for more than 2,000 years. Commission E approves the use of lemon balm in the treatment of anxiety and restlessness, and  in the treatment of insomnia. Published studies have found lemon balm to modulate mood.

Crystal Dream™ is formulated with special selective Lemon balm extract, and studies show a 53% stress reduction after 12 weeks (when used alone as a singel ingredient), and a 62% anxiety reduction.


Arctic root / Golden root (rhodiola rosea)

Arctic root has been used in Scandinacia for centuries, and is said to have stimulant properties and to prevent stress, and is well known for it’s adaptogenic properties.  Adaptogens increase an organism`s resistance to physical, chemical and biological stressors, and have a normalizing influence on bodily systems.

Several studies show arctic root to prevent and resist stress and to may inhibit behavioural and physiological changes induced by chronic exposure to mild stress.  It may also act as a neuroprotector, as well as it is proven to reduce symptoms of depression.

Arctic root is thus – perfect to combine with the other ingredients you will find in Crystal Dream™.



Hops are stated to have sedative properties, traditionally been used for insomnia and restlessness.  Other uses are anxiety, tension and excitability.

The sedative effects of hops is well documented, and the German Commision E approve the use of hops for  mood disturbances such as restlessness and anxiety as well as sleep disturbances, and often used in combination with other herbal extract for this use.

Hop extract activates melatonin receptors.


Oats (Avena sativa)

Traditional medicinal uses of oats include the treatment of depression.  Oats encourage the production of insulin, which helps neural pathways get tryptophan — an amino acid that acts as a sedative — to the brain. Oats are also high in stress-reducing B6, minerals and amino acids that help us produce sleep-inducing melatonin.


Milk Peptides

Special milk peptides will help you to gently counteract sleep troubles, mood swings, concentration and memory problems, by acting directly and naturaly on the central nervous system, without any side-effects, nor is it additcive.  Being hydrolyzed milk protein it is hypoallergenic.

Pharmasorb™ technology*  - a developed technology for super-enhancing the bioavailability and permeability of nutraceuticals.

Crystal Dream™ - with Pharmasorb™ technology for better and faster results.

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